Brake Pressure Bleeder
Brake Pressure Bleeder

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Brake Pressure Bleeder

Sale price$98.79 USD

Tired of waiting on friends to help you bleed brakes? Or starting WW3 with the spouse over how to pump and hold? We know your pain. All that frustration and you can often end up with brakes that are still soft and unresponsive. Not the Dealership quality brake flush you had hoped for. 

The solution is positive pressure. The AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder uses positive pressures (not vacuum) to force 100% of the dirty fluid and air out of your brake system. Giving you a Dealership quality brake bleed at a fraction of the cost. And like those expensive dealer systems the AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder automatically adds fluid to your reservoir as you bleed your brakes.

The best part is, with these features, this simple to use system lets you bleed brakes by yourself. Now there's no need to recruit your overly talkative, not so mechanically inclined neighbor Bob, because everyone else is "busy".

Get the AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder today and bleed your brakes like a pro!

…unless you like unsafe, sketchy brakes. Then call Bob, I'm sure he would love the company. 


  • 3 liter capacity
  • Built in adjustable pressure regulator
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • Built in ball valve to seal system from atmosphere
  • Works with air compressor
  • Works on vehicles with ABS or traction control

Does not come with Adapter