Polaris RZR RS1 Dual Rate Spring Kit

Zbroz Racing

Polaris RZR RS1 Dual Rate Spring Kit

Sale price$795.00 USD

This Dual Rate Spring Kit for Walker Evans Needle Shocks will deliver Race Inspired Performance and Control for Mountain Trail, Rock Crawling and Desert/Dune rally action.  This is the most cost-effective spring kit available for do-it-yourself installation in your garage or driveway with basic hand tools and a floor jack.

Ride Quality Improvements of this Dual Rate Spring Kit include:

- 1" to 2" Increased Ride Height

- Delivers a Smoother and more Comfortable Ride in any terrain

- Reduced Body Roll

- Increased Bottoming Resistance without sacrificing Low-Speed Compliance

- Reduced Rear Bucking

- High Tensile Light Weight Silicone Wire Springs

- Rear Billet Crossover Rings for fine-tuning crossover point

This Dual Rate Spring Kit Includes:

- Front Shocks Progressive Tender Springs

- Front Shocks Main Springs

- Front Shocks Billet Lower Spring Retainers

- Rear Shocks Progressive Tender Springs

- Rear Shocks Main Springs

- Rear Shocks 2.5" Billet Crossover Rings