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PCI Trax B1 Package

Sale price$954.99 USD
Upgrade to Kenwood?:

Upgrade to Kenwood?


Bluetooth for Single Seat vehicles in Trax Stereo! Ideal for race or recreation - this innovative module brings all the awesome Bluetooth functionality to those who don't need an intercom. The B1 connects in line with your two-way radio allowing you to receive and transmit on the radio and Bluetooth into a device.

  • Connect to your music device and listen to music that will mute the music to 25% volume when you get an incoming radio transmission. 
  • Connect to your iPad for GPS Navigation. If primary use is Navigation, we can remove the mute feature and keep your navigation prompts at full volume.
  • Connect your cell phone to talk on the phone - handsfree! Answer the phone with a touch of the blue button.
  • Built in amplification for loud, clear volume.

What's in the box:

  • B1 Trax Bluetooth Module
  • Icom F5021 Mobile Radio- 50 watt, VHF, Alphanumeric Display, 128 channels pre-programmed with our stock desert list. Add notes to your order if you would like any special frequencies added.
  • Antenna & Coax- 17ft Hole Mount Coax and No Ground Plane Antenna.
  • Trax Helmet Cable-  Trax stereo 12ft cable to connect to helmet.


  • Upgrade to a Kenwood TK-7360 Mobile Radio
  • Recreation option: Mutes music to 25 % volume when an incoming radio transmission is received.
  • Race option: Does not mute audio input so you can keep GPS Navigation or cell phone conversations at full volume.