CHASE SERIES 36 Light Bars
Chase series thirty-six inch off-road light bar with a combination of red, amber and white lighting on an off-road buggy.
CHASE SERIES 36 Light Bars

All Terrain Concepts

CHASE SERIES 36 Light Bars

Sale price$375.00 USD




The ATC Chase 36" is the perfect off-road light bar for racers and off-road enthusiasts alike who are looking to cover a large space on the rear of their vehicle to increase visibility.


  • red turn signals and brake lights
  • 5 amber strobe patterns for high visibility
  • White center panels that constantly shine
  • Roll bar mount or L-bracket style mount
  • BITD approved
  • 2 versatile switches

Our 36" Chase Series light bar is one of our most popular multi-color output light bar models. If you are looking for a ridgid design that gives you high visibility on the road and on the trail, this is the product for you.