Polaris RZR Turbo R / Pro R Front Bulkhead Reinforcement & Bolt Kit
Polaris RZR Turbo R / Pro R Front Bulkhead Reinforcement & Bolt Kit

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Polaris RZR Turbo R / Pro R Front Bulkhead Reinforcement & Bolt Kit

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This a brand new kit that was CAD designed for the Turbo R & Pro R front suspension mounting points. Kit includes 3 brackets and covers all 8 mounting locations. For a more in depth description of the brackets and why the stock bolts are wrong check out our YouTube video on this kit! 

With the new models having much bigger and more durable arms than previous years, the arms themselves are much less likely to bend or break during impact. All that force still has to go somewhere and it’s going straight into the mounts and into your chassis!! That’s where this kit comes into play! 

All of the brackets were laser cut and CNC bent for precision and perfect fitment. The main bulkhead plate covers all 4 of the front mounting points, helping even more to distribute the load around and stiffen that front bulkhead.  The two rear brackets go across the chassis tying both upper and lower main frame rails together in two additional locations. 

One additional feature available with the kit is proper length bolts for your pivot points. The stock bolts provided by Polaris do not have a long enough shank/shoulder to go all the way through the bushings like they should putting stress on the actual threads of the bolt instead of just the shank. This creates a very weak point where your bolt goes from shank to threads, and also leads to bent bolts, and the wallowing out of your arms & bushings creating play in your suspension. Our bolts are grade 10.9 just like the factory bolts. 
What we have done is given you the option of properly shanked bolts along with the reinforcement kit, making your mounts much stronger and more reliable than from the factory! 
**Bolt kit comes with all bolts for the entire cars suspension. Includes 30 bolts, washers, and new stover locking nuts. For more information on the whole bolt kit see our other listing for the Full Suspension Bolt Kit.** 

All of the brackets are finished with a black powder coat to match the chassis. But can also be purchased raw so you can coat it with your own personal accent color! 

Install and highlight video available on our YouTube channel! You can find us by searching Misfit Garage Utah on YouTube.