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RaceAir Boost Dual
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RaceAir Boost Dual Remote
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RaceAir Boost Dual
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RaceAir Boost Dual

PCI Race Radios

RaceAir Boost Dual

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PCI's RaceAir Boost brings high volume air in a sleek, easy to install package. Built in variable speed controller allows you to select the amount of forced air you need depending on your excursion. 

  • Includes Variable Speed Control
  • Optional remote control with 10 ft. cable.
  • Lightweight, durable billet housing
  • Brushless, DC Motor
  • Option of Panel Mount Plate or Roll Bar mounts, included for 1.5"/1.75" or 1.85"/2.5". Rotate the bracket 90 degrees to change between 1.5" and 1.75" or 1.85" and 2.5". Speed UTV Mount option for 1.8" roll bar.
  • Speed UTV option includes SAE Power Connection.
  • Two Positions
  • Can be mounted in any direction. (Sideways, upside down)
  • Prefilter and filter included
  • Hoses Sold Separately 
  • 2 Year warranty against manufacturer defect.


Technical Specs
  • 2.8 amps - 4 amps (using variable speed controller) at 12 volts
  • 2.1 lbs with bracket and controller
  • 5 Amp Fuse (included with power cable)
  • SAE Power Connection for Speed UTV Mount Option
Size Chart
  • Stock RZR Roll Bars are generally 1.75"
  • Some Aftermarket RZR seat bars are 1.5"
  • Yamaha Roll Bars are generally 1.75"
  • X3 Roll bar behind the seat is 2.5" on the two seater. The 4 seater has 1.85" behind the driver seat and 2.5" behind the rear seats.
  • Speed UTV roll bars are 1.8"