RDH16 Handheld Radio 6-Pack Bank Charger

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RDH16 Handheld Radio 6-Pack Bank Charger

Sale price$108.00 USD

Keep your handheld radios organized and fully charged with our 6-Pack Bank Charger for RDH16 digital handheld radio!

Our bank charger provides easy and convenient radio management in a 6-pack design, offering a central location to charge up to 6 radios simultaneously. 

Individual indicator lights make it easy to see which radios are charging or fully charged.

• Red light indicates the radio is charging
• Green light means the radio is fully charged
• Dimensions L: 11" x W: 8 5/8" x H: 2 1/2"

Compatible with Rugged Radios RDH16 digital handheld radios.