Trophy Kart Kit

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Trophy Kart Kit

Sale price$899.99 USD

This Kit is ideal for Karts and other small, single seat vehicles. This is our kit for an already wired helmet. Need a helmet wiring kit? Check out our Elite High Fidelity Helmet Wiring Kit here.

Package Includes:

  • Two Icom F1000 VHF Handheld Radios (one for the vehicle, one for the spotter)
  • All the wiring for inside of the vehicle, Radio interface cable, Velcro push to talk button and harness.
  • Handheld radio bag to mount the radio inside of the vehicle.
  • Crew Chief headset and radio interface cable.
  • Aluminum carrying case.

Racing Great American Short Course Series? Complete this set up with an additional hand held radio for the spotter by adding another Icom F1000 Hand Held Radio.