Alpha Accessory Kit For UTV / SXS
Alpha Accessory Kit For UTV / SXS
Alpha UTV Accessories For Helmet Kit

Rugged Radios

Alpha Accessory Pack For Rugged UTV SXS Intercom Radio Communication Systems

Sale price$405.00 USD
Choose Helmet Kit or Headset:

Choose Helmet Kit or Headset


Take your communications system to the next level with our Alpha Accessory kit! Features all the must-have accessories to increase the performance and style of your comms.

Alpha Accessories:

  • Magnetic Radio & Intercom cover
  • All-in-one power switch for radio & intercom with waterproof connector
  • VHF Stealth traveler antenna
  • Baja Boot weather guard for radio & intercom
  • R-WRAP reusable cable ties (20 pack)
  • Off Plugs for NEXUS jack (2)
  • Single flush jack mount (2)
  • Rugged gear bag

Intercom extension cables are included with the helmet kit option to provide the additional cable length needed to plug into the flush jack mounts. 

The perfect addition to your Rugged Radios complete UTV communications kit!

Note: This Non Ground Plane Stealth antenna was designed for applications where a metal ground plane (such as a steel or aluminum) is not available. This design makes it perfect for mounting on a roll bar, fabricated tab, and other similar mounts. It will also work well on non-metallic roofs such as plastic or fiberglass. NOT intended for ground plane applications such as a steel or aluminum roof.