XR Series Primary Clutch Bolt for Can Am Maverick X3
XR Series Primary Clutch Bolt for Can Am Maverick X3

Evolution Powersports LLC

XR Series Primary Clutch Bolt for Can Am Maverick X3

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Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce our XR Series direct replacement Primary Clutch Bolt for the Maverick X3! Our bolt is designed to yield more TQ to prevent the clutch from slipping on the crankshaft.

When the clutch slips, the rotation of the engine relative to the slipped clutch causes the bolt to tighten further. When this happens, due to the small minor diameter of the OEM bolt, it can shear off. As a result, the clutch comes off the crankshaft and wreaks havoc on the clutch, clutch housing, secondary clutch and crankshaft.


  • Made in the USA from premium heat-treated alloy steel
  • Larger outer diameter than OEM bolt where it passes through the puller threads before engaging the crankshaft, which equates to greater torque holding capacity
  • Tensile load tested at 38,570 lbs.
  • Tensile stress tested at 167,696 psi
  • Additional thread engagement on the crankshaft to prevent stripped threads
  • Allows a higher hold-down torque on the clutch vs OEM
  • Reuses the OEM washer


We've spent a year in development and testing with ARP to produce the finest clutch bolt available anywhere. ARP is world renowned for building some of the finest engine fasteners in the world. For this reason, we collaborated with ARP on the design and manufacturing.

XR Series

Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce the all-new XR Series! All the products in this Xtreme Racing line are race tested and have been designed and developed with extreme power and racing in mind. Many of the products are CNC machined and made from the highest quality materials available. Tested under the most grueling conditions in drag racing, short course & desert racing, these products ensure optimal performance and durability. Many of our new XR Series products are manufactured exclusively for EVP in partnership with some of the best names in the powersports industry.


      X3 EVP Primary Clutch Bolt