EVP Paragon 50mm P50-350 Turbo System for Polaris RZR Pro XP & Turbo R (OEM ECU)
EVP Paragon 50mm P50-350 Turbo System for Polaris RZR Pro XP & Turbo R (OEM ECU)
EVP Paragon 50mm P50-350 Turbo System for Polaris RZR Pro XP & Turbo R (OEM ECU)

Evolution Powersports LLC

EVP Paragon 50mm P50-350 Turbo System for Polaris RZR Pro XP & Turbo R (OEM ECU)

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PLEASE NOTE: An EVP CodeShooter Flashing Device is required for all Paragon Turbo Systems.

The gold standard of Polaris RZR turbochargers is here—and it’s ready to transform your Pro XP/Turbo R into an entirely new beast with up to 350+ HP to the crank running E85 on the factory ECU!

EVP pulled out all the stops in developing the P50-350 turbo system featuring the 50/47 Paragon turbocharger assembly hallmarked by its gold anodized compressor wheel. Instantaneous spooling, mind-bending top-end power, battle-tested durability, and a no-compromise approach to overall design, fit and finish. All standard-issue features that make the full lineup of EVP Paragon Turbochargers unlike anything else in the market today. After years of development, we’re confident that this system officially sets the bar for Polaris performance upgrades by nearly doubling stock power output with EVP's tuning for the factory ECU paired with the proper supporting components.

EVP engineers addressed the main limiting factors that have made getting big power out of the Polaris twin cylinder platform difficult since day one. One of the central problems is high intake temperatures. The OEM water-to-air intercooler is prone to leaking coolant into the intake — especially at higher boost pressure — and it lacks the enhanced cooling functionality required to make big power without putting the engine at risk. To combat this, EVP developed an all-new Triple-Fan Air-to-Air Intercooler for Pro XP and Turbo R models that’s included in the P50-350 kit to significantly lower intake temps across the board.

Another new product included in the P50-350 Turbo System is the EVP Rising Rate High-Pressure Fuel Pump & Surge Tank Kit. The rising rate kit features a built-in regulator that allows the integrated 340LPH pump to keep up with fuel demands, as well as a newly developed billet aluminum fuel hat to make it a 100% drop-in replacement for the OEM unit. Now you can line up with the big dogs on the drag strip and throw roosts like a pro without worrying about fuel starvation.

Lastly, all-new EVP P50-350 engine packages were developed to increase displacement for instantaneous spooling of the 50mm turbo as well as to reinforce the vital components required to make big power. At minimum, an EVP Stage 1 Engine Package is required to install and safely run the EVP P50-350 Turbo System (*NOT INCLUDED IN P50-350 KIT*). Incorporating the EVP 75mm Stroker Kit for RZR Turbo (pistons, connecting rods, and billet crankshaft) ensures proper turbo spooling and engine reliability to safely hit the 350 HP mark with plenty of room left for more power down the road. For more info on EVP Polaris Engine Build Packages, CLICK HERE.


  • 50mm compressor with appropriately sized 47mm turbine for instantaneous spooling and insane top-end power
  • Powder-coated compressor cover with billet insert and anodized gold compressor wheel
  • Inconel turbine wheel and wastegate flapper valve
  • Ceramic-coated exhaust housings retain exhaust energy, which improves turbo response time and minimizes heat output
  • Ceramic ball bearing CHRA for instant spool, long life and high durability under extreme boost pressure
  • Turbosmart wastegate actuator with easily adjustable turnbuckle
  • Industry exclusive 1-year limited warranty (not applicable for non-EVP-built engines)
  • Optional Launch Control Upgrade: 3000 RPM up to 4000 RPM
  • All tuning developed and tested by EVP using the factory ECU


    • EVP Paragon P50 50/47mm Turbocharger Assembly
    • EVP 50mm Paragon V-Flow Boot
    • EVP Rising Rate High-Pressure Fuel Pump + Surge Tank Kit
    • EVP Triple-Fan Air-to-Air Intercooler Kit
    • EVP BOV Kit
    • EVP Catch Can Kit
    • RZR Pro XP/Turbo R 1700cc Injectors (set of 2)
    • RZR Pro XP/Turbo R 4-Bar Map Sensor Kit
    • EVP Paragon P50 Install Kit + tune files for 91 octane, 110 octane & E85 (Requires EVP CodeShooter ECU Flashing Device, sold separately)

    Do you already own an EVP part from this turbo kit? If so, contact EVP directly to custom build your order today at (715) 247-3862 or at givemepower@evopowersports.com.

    EVP CLUTCHING DISCLAIMER: THE P50-350 Turbo System requires upgrading to a TAPP primary clutch and STM Tuner Secondary Clutch for all Pro XP and Turbo R models.


        2021+ Polaris RZR Pro XP
        2022+ Polaris RZR Turbo R