GMRS / UHF Stealth Low Profile Antenna
GMRS / UHF Stealth Low Profile Antenna
GMRS / UHF Stealth Low Profile Antenna
GMRS / UHF Stealth Low Profile Antenna

Rugged Radios

Stealth Tuned Low Profile Antenna for GMRS and UHF

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The perfect antenna for your caravan or traveling with your offroad vehicle. The UHF Stealth is a small but powerful antenna. When riding with a group or a caravan within a few miles the powerful Stealth antenna will provide clear transmit and receive communications. When the ultimate transmit distance is required simply switch to our POINT5 antenna.

Caution! Do not transmit on your radio without an antenna. When traveling or storing your vehicle most common practice is to remove the antenna. But forgetting to install your antenna and transmitting on your radio can cause damage. The UHF Stealth is the perfect Traveler! The super low profile Stealth fits in toyhaulers or other low clearance areas.

This low-profile GMRS & UHF Stealth Antenna is an ideal solution for your GMRS and UHF mobile radio. Its small size won't catch on brush and low branches, making it perfect for trail rides.

• Only 3.25" tall
• NMO mount
• 450-480 MHz / 2.0 dBi Gain

Due to the compact dimensions and precise tuning of our STEALTH antennas, we offer two different options depending on your mounting location:

GROUND PLANE version for antenna mounting on metal surfaces such as steel or aluminum roofs.

NON-GROUND PLANE version for antenna mounting on non-metallic surfaces such as plastic roofs, or tab mounting on a roll cage, fender, or mirror brackets.

A ground plane is a flat or nearly flat horizontal conducting surface that serves as part of an antenna, to reflect the radio waves from the other antenna elements. The plane does not necessarily have to be connected to ground to be used as a reflecting surface for radio waves.

Click here to view the UHF Stealth Antenna Data Sheet.